Mom's, mothering and mama's

As we get geared up for our Mother's Day Brunch on Saturday (buy tickets here), ---->

I cant help the nostalgic thoughts crossing my mind. Thoughts of my mom and how much she sacrificed for us. I never knew, not really knew how much she did until Madison came along. Its a different stage in our relationship for sure. Appreciating what she did as a young mom and patiently making her way thru what I call a shit show some days. She was a single  mom for a good chunk of time and I will forever be grateful and in awe of her.

I think about my earliest memories up thru teenagism (I know that's not a word) and on. The different stages one goes thru as a young child and into adulthood. How my mom shaped me and how at the time I was so reluctant and disobedient. I only hope I have enough wine on hand for this stage in Madison's life. I can see myself reacting the same way if Madison brought herself and 3 friends sloshing thru the house, covered, and I mean covered in mud to then attempt to clean up in the bathroom sink. This was really a job for a pressure washer. My mothers reaction was a combined set of curse words you don't normally hear together. Message received. I now know the feeling.

Having a mom and being a mom are two different ball games for sure. It really makes you appreciate your own mother on a different level. When Mother's day comes around now, I get a little sappy and have a different kinds of feelings for my mom that I've only recently come to know. I wish I could give my mom the moon, actually no. I would buy my mother an Alaskan adventure! I would, of course go with her but I would take her back to where it all began. Where her life was an adventure. Before the adventure of motherhood.

Now, I  cant speak for Vicky on her thoughts on her mother, the memories or the struggles of motherhood. But I can share these adorable pictures!

As we get use to the juggle of life, new business and everything in between, you'll be hearing from both Vicky and I in our blog.

Until next time, xoxo Jocelyn