Get your hands dirty!

Who doesn't love spring? I guess I could do without the weeks of endless rain, but all in all I love it. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and it means the beginning of gardening season! There are many types of gardeners, and I have found that we can be separated by the edible garden. Don't get me wrong, all gardens are beautiful, euphoric even. But some like to grow edibles and some bask in the joy of flowers. I am an edible gal. I'm now just spreading my flower wings. I love the fact I can eat what I sow, and that I can get the kid to eat them too. Long despised tomatoes become a summer treat, peas are no longer for the nose but for crunching on endlessly.

I wanted to share with you what brings me joy, helps reduce stress, gives me snacks and is just a fun hobby.

While at the moment it is small, it will quickly grow into a mighty garden. I seriously get such joy from gardening. If you have been on the fence, maybe have a patch of yard you don't know what to do with. Give it a shot! I will honestly say that my gardening journey began with out a drop of real knowledge, I just loved watching things grow. Getting something to eat was just a bonus. So don't think that you need to know all, learn along the way! I'm sure I'm still doing things ass backwards, and I definitely get excited when tempatures start to warm up and put my starters out to early, but at the end of the summer I am immensely satisfied with what I created.

Here is a peek at last years garden! I love my Dahlias! I'm so happy they made it thru our winter. I live in a homely apartment in the heart of my community. While I dream about raised beds, pots are my reality for the moment. A reality without weeds! I've been gardening in pots for 10 years now! I cant believe I just typed that. It seems like yesterday that I started my Oregon adventure. So don't be discouraged if you've got what seems like no space. Try a big pot on your deck or forgo the outside garden and drown yourself in house plants!



My favorite indoor plant is my 6 foot Avocado tree! Yes, that's what I said. I brought it home from my Dads greenhouse in Montana 5 years ago after he passed. At the time it was maybe 2 feet tall, and not even a year old. I've now sprouted about a dozen seeds! Super easy, keep your eyes peeled for our Avocado class later this year, you'll be taking home a seedling! And by seedling I mean a 2 foot tall tree. No, you cant put it outside, but they do extremely well inside in a sunny spot. I have yet to get a bloom on my tree, but it IS possible inside. I've got another 5-10 years of indoor care before they say it will bloom.

I hope I have encouraged some to get your hands dirty. If you think you'll fail, try anyway!

Happy gardening - Jocelyn