Farm to Table

   Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? I know we all go to the grocery store most of the time, but what about taking a trip to visit some local farms in your area? My longtime friend, Kat, and I did just that!

    Strawberries, raspberries, lettuce; oh my! We had the most amazing day! We started at Fordyce Farm on Sunnyview Road. They have been in business since 1947, and are all family owned and run. You can also check them out at the Saturday Market in Salem! We decided to pick strawberries first (bring your own bowl..we ended up dumping out a tissue box in my car and it worked great!). Farmer Mary took us back to our row, all the way explaining the difference between Seascape and Hood varieties. The Seascapes are an ever-bearing fruit, they produce in June, but also come back a little sweeter and bigger in late August. They last until October! Fresh berries in October?? Yes, please! They are great for jams. The Hood variety are smaller, only produce in June, and are much sweeter and bigger than the June Seascapes. I made an incredible strawberry cake from them that night!

   They also have a great little store, where Ella Fordyce can be found with other goodies, such as strawberry coffee cake, hazelnut scones and snickerdoodle cookies! Yum! There is even a play area for the kiddos. Check them out next time you are in Salem, or driving out Sunnyview Road!

   We also went to Sunnyview Vegetable Farm, where we met Lucio, who was just finishing lunch. He has worked there more than 30 years, and gave us a personal tour of the amazing veggie garden they have! We picked lettuce (butter, romaine, red leaf..they have it all!), onions, and a little broccoli. The best part was hearing the pride in Lucio's voice when he talked about his work. It made the veggies seem more special! All in all, we bought 4 heads of lettuce, 2 1/2 lbs of strawberies, 2 lbs of raspberries and 9 onions. Total cost? Around 7 bucks. Total. Our minds were blown!!

    So, get out there!! Visit a local farm, talk to the farmers, pick your own fruits and veggies! (Don't worry, they will gladly pick them for you if that's  not your thing!) Then go home and create something delicious and beautiful!

Vicky xoxo