Feed your Soul

We're all busy. Rushing around trying to beat the rush hour traffic, trying to get here or there before it's to late. Not really ever breathing or giving ourselves the opportunity to slow down. And by slow down I don't mean grid lock at five o'clock. When is the last time you got away? Somewhere your Wi-Fi was spotty or non-existent ? I challenge you all to do this. Take a camping trip (no glamping), take a drive, a hike, anything. Your soul will thank you. If this was my oasis I would lovingly give you all the address, but alas, I have not received my oasis in this life quite yet. that's why, for the moment, I visit.


Madison and I made the 50 mile treck to meet Victoria at the beautiful and majestic Northrop acers. The Northrop's, a family of 5 were meant to be here! Their dog runs endlessly and so do their kids. Their additional companions consist of a horse, two cows, a donkey(it might be 2), two goats, two turkeys, a barn cat and barn owls! I think, I think I listed everyone.... I forgot the house cat!

We spent the better part of 4 hours walking around. It is so incredible to be invited out to a place like this. It will take me a few times visiting until it all soaks in. 

I kept saying "Wow!, this place is amazing!" to quote Mindy below...


"It Doesn't suck"

-Mindy Northrop

She's sure right about that!

We walked and walked and walked. Madison picked strawberries as I swooned over her raised beds. Seriously, I'm sure they were in disbelief for the first few months of living here. I know the country isn't for everyone. For me its roots, I've been in the city 10 years now and nothing makes me happier then the solitude of the country. Funny how as a kid I was bored and always wanted to do something better. Now I would happily sit on the porch or garden all day. Speaking of garden, here are a few pics I snapped, none do the place justice.

I could go on and on about this beautiful piece of land, I'm so happy to see such good people get to call it their home. I would, and want to tell you about the gorgeous home she's created indoors. But that's for another day. Thanks for visiting folks, now go out and unplug! Oh, and if you'd like to see more on the farm check out Mindy's beautiful blog.



xoxo - Jocelyn