Red, White and Blueberry pie!

I think we could go on and on about farm to table and  picking your own veggies and fruits, so that's exactly what I'm going to do! It is so rewarding to spend a few hours out at the farms. Especially with kids. I love when Madison gets dirty! Dirt and mud on her jeans is a sign of a rich experience. This past week we made our first trip out to Albeke Farm near Oregon City. What a wonderful place. we picked blueberries and raspberries. They have many kinds of berries and peaches getting plumper by the minute. I cant wait to get me some peaches! We will definitely be visiting again!

Another one of my favorite farms is Sauvie Island Farm in West Portland, there are so many on the island, but this particular farm has it all. Fruits, veggies, flowers and herbs. you can go there all summer and find different things. The peaches and pears are to die for, they don't last long as they get picked pretty quick, so make a plan to get there early this season!

We brought home a total of 13 pounds of berries from Albeke Farm! What in the world was I going to do with that many berries? First things first, I froze half of our take home treasure. We'll use these for smoothies and other baked goods, pancakes, you name it throughout the year.

After freezing a portion I was on to baking......


Breakfast favorite

These were packed with berries, and oh so scrumptious with my morning coffee!


Fire up the grill!

 Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce, YUM!

Now, Is the 4th of July really complete without a Blueberry Pie?

Ive done my share of baking this past week, and with the temperature rising my focus is not on the oven if I can help it. I'm going to use my raspberry chipotle bbq sauce to make sloppy joes! The kitchen is calling!

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Cheers and happy cooking, Jocelyn.