Farm to Table Part 2

   As you know from my last Farm to Table post, I am pretty obsessed with picking my own produce, and utilizing my local farms to fuel my creative cooking! It is the most rewarding feeling, knowing exactly what you are feeding your family, and supporting your community as well.

   When my picking buddy Kat and I went to Sunnyview Vegetable Farm last week, we asked our friend Lucio (who runs the farm), what we should be picking that day. "Tomatillos!" was the answer!  I had always wanted to make a roasted green tomatillo salsa, and this was the perfect chance! I have made many red salsas (my husband John actually makes the best!), but the green was on my bucket list!

  The tomatillos have a papery skin that needs to be peeled off, and they just need to be rinsed. They have a really funky, sticky feel after peeling them, but that goes away during the roasting!  I peeled  the onions I also picked that morning, and threw it all on 2 big roasting pans. I also added a few jalapenos from the store(they were not quite ready at the farm yet), and a few cloves of garlic. I drizzled it all with some refined coconut oil,  salt and pepper, and popped them in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes, shaking the pans about halfway through. Oh my! The smell!

   Remove the pans from the oven, and let the mixture cool a bit. Working in batches, puree the veggies (don't forget the yummy juices from the roasting!) in a blender or food processor You can pulse if you like it chunky .Pour it all in a big bowl, add a bunch of chopped cilantro (from the farm!), lime juice, a little cumin and salt and pepper to taste. All you need now is some chips! Or enchiladas, or nachos, or a fresh pasta dish, the options are endless with this fresh, snappy salsa!