Fire it up!

Ah summer! The cook outside season. The season that makes you cringe at the thought of turning on your oven. The season that has us reaching for crock-pots, and dare I say the take out menu!

We should all be given a week to spend outside, out in the wilderness. Playing and feeding our souls. We should all be apart of a campsite time share. Ya know, all take turns. Never having to worry about "is the campsite booked" you would just have your week every year, no questions asked!

I may sound like I camp a lot, quite the opposite. Most toddler toting parents understand. I applaud those of you who start them young. Tell us, how many sleepless nights did it take to acclimate them to the camping experience?

We've got our first family camping trip planned for Labor day weekend. 4 Days 3 nights in a cabin! Yes we cheated, but were going!


I somehow got distracted from my original train of though. Not so much camping but campfire cooking!!! I recently took an overnight "vacation", thanks to Victoria who came and watched Madison so Justin and I could have some long overdue adult time. We booked a room on the coast and headed for cooler weather! I envisioned in my head a fire on the beach and cooking over the open flame, or in our case hot coals. I was fully prepared and determined for this to happen. Before we left I prepped a couple potato foil packs.

Potato Foil Packs: Serves 2

6 russet potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

Green Beans from the garden, trimmed and cut into 1 inch pieces

Onions from the garden, diced

Garlic, chopped

Fresh Dill



Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredient, drizzle with Olive Oil and season salt and pepper to taste. Toss to coat. Divide potatos up between two large pieces of foil. Form packet by folding foil over potatoes and rolling up the edges. Cook directly over hot coals for about 15 minutes.

For those of you who may be oblivious to fire cooking, here is how I did this. We built a fire, eh em, I built the fire! I actually took over the situation and expressed the need to do it myself. I wanted to know I could do it! With the help of a lighter.

I built a relatively big fire, we relaxed and watched it burn for a bit and watched the coals come alive. As the wood burned down and the coals glowed we continued to feed the fire but moved it ever so slightly to one side to expose the coals. Once exposed we laid our foil packets right on top! With in a few minutes we could hear the oil and butter simmering as the potatoes cooked. The smell of garlic got our stomachs talking. As they cooked I prepped our fish! I had a piece of Halibut in the freezer that was perfect for the occasion. I planned to top with butter, diced tomato, lemon and fresh dill. The tomato and lemon however never made it into the cooler, while they spent the night in the fridge back in Portland, I continued on with what we had. I laid the foil out, put a dab of butter, then the fish fillet, more butter, salt and pepper and fresh dill. Closed up the packet and onto the coals it went. The fish took maybe 5 minutes. Those coals are HOT!



This trip was so fun! Leaving gave me the camping itch. I wanted to stay, I wanted to bring Madison back the next day. I wanted to teach her how to cook on a fire. Yes, she's a little young, but that's how excited this got me. It made me slow down and forget about the long list of to-dos waiting for me at home. It was such a fun and rewarding way to eat! I'm currently planning out big camping trip, thinking of inventive things to cook over the fire. Breakfast burritos are on the list, I cant do without potato packets and the fish! I may be recreating this meal entirely!

Cheers! -Jocelyn