I Scream, You Scream...

   We all scream for ice cream, right?? I am a serious lover of all things frozen, be it gelato, fudgesicles, frozen yogurt..my list could go on for days! Growing up, some of my favorite memories were going to an ice cream shop called Friendly's after a summer day of swimming at the beach, and getting a banana split!

    The thought of actually making my own ice cream? Not so much. I always thought of these big, expensive machines, taking hours to churn. Or some crazy contraption with dry ice, that your arm falls off by the time you are done cranking it! Then I was reading an article last week in the latest Food Network Magazine about no-churn ice cream! My mind was going crazy! Would it really work? Would it taste like ice cream? I decided to find out.

   After looking at quite a few recipes, there are lots and they are all basically the same. I decided to make cookies and cream! I got out my Kitchen Aid and went to work! The basic recipe is 2 cups heavy whipping cream, whipped to stiff peaks with a little vanilla. (I added 1/2 tsp. I will add more next time). Gently fold that into 14 oz. of sweetened condensed milk. Then I folded the cookies in. Finally all there is to do is layer half into a glass loaf pan, swirl in some chocolate(or caramel, or butterscotch, yum!), cover it with plastic wrap, and freeze for 4 or more hours. 

    I cannot even put into words how amazing this ice cream was!! Creamy, rich, not too sweet...mind blown!! What really made me feel good, was that I knew exactly what was in it! I will never (well, maybe if I feel super lazy, tee hee) buy commercial ice cream again! I really encourage you all to try this, you will not regret it. Unless you eat the whole pan. And then you still might not...because it's THAT good! 

-V xoxo

Field Trip: Disney Land!

How could we not tell you about this incredible experience we had!? I use to be one of those folks who would roll their eyes at the " Happiest place on earth" statement. Even after my first visit in 2016, I wasn't sold. That was most likely due to the 4 month old attached to my chest. I spent most of that trip observing. I didn't get to experience the FULL experience, if you know what I mean.

No, you don't? Let me tell you about it!

We met Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty!

We met Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty!

For starters, this trip I only had to worry about myself! And that's a rare experience since motherhood.  I of course was wanting Madison to see what I was seeing. The "Disney" experience really hit me when I went to get photos with the Princesses (for Madison) I left the castle in complete bliss! I was so happy my face hurt. I had no idea that I was going to be affected like that. The princesses do such a great job at being "princesses" .

Ariel asked us where we went to lunch, we told her the Blue Bayou and her response was  "That's my princes favorite"! Are you kidding me? Could they be any more adorable? This was the constant trend as we made our way from princess to princess.  Now, I may be giving off a princess fan vibe, I really wasn't growing up. I was into Aladdin and Pocahontas. I really was shocked at my excitement toward them. So the moral of the story is, don't skip the princesses, they'll make you happy!

Now that I'm done with that rant, can I ask how I didn't know about Space Mountain? I mean come on!! We got off and instantly said lets do it again! We got lucky with a 20 minute wait the first time, then landed ourselves in upwards of an hour wait the second time. What a trip that ride is! While waiting in line the first time I would see the carts come in from a ride and people wiping their eyes or better yet cheering. Again, I had no idea what I was in for. If it was up to me I would give the man who created it a raise!

Here we are, happy as can be to be waiting in line. This is before I knew what Space Mountian really was. (left to right: Jocelyn, Morgaine, Victoria, Veronica and Brianne)

Here we are, happy as can be to be waiting in line. This is before I knew what Space Mountian really was. (left to right: Jocelyn, Morgaine, Victoria, Veronica and Brianne)



Now, what I'm really excited to share is this video I took of us on Matterhorn. Just wait for it people! Do your self a favor and watch it till the end!!! (disclosure, you will hear a low grade curse word) This video makes me laugh so much so I hope it at least gives you a smile.


These ladies inspire me to push myself to the fullest. Vicky and I have been lucky enough to be apart of the Brightly Immersive Mastermind. A 6 month long program designed to dive into your business, no matter where you are. To give you support, inspiration, connections and help rid of your fears. Running, let alone starting a business is scary as hell. Lots of doubts can consume you. With this amazing group of women and our fearless guide, Brianne Dosier we have risen up to our full potential and have propelled ourselves forward into an exciting direction of growing our business. These relationships are now lifelong.

For more information on how you can be apart of the next Brightly Immersive Mastermind check out http://www.brightlyandco.com/brightlyimmersive. Take the next step in your business, you wont regret it!


Farm to Table

   Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? I know we all go to the grocery store most of the time, but what about taking a trip to visit some local farms in your area? My longtime friend, Kat, and I did just that!

    Strawberries, raspberries, lettuce; oh my! We had the most amazing day! We started at Fordyce Farm on Sunnyview Road. They have been in business since 1947, and are all family owned and run. You can also check them out at the Saturday Market in Salem! We decided to pick strawberries first (bring your own bowl..we ended up dumping out a tissue box in my car and it worked great!). Farmer Mary took us back to our row, all the way explaining the difference between Seascape and Hood varieties. The Seascapes are an ever-bearing fruit, they produce in June, but also come back a little sweeter and bigger in late August. They last until October! Fresh berries in October?? Yes, please! They are great for jams. The Hood variety are smaller, only produce in June, and are much sweeter and bigger than the June Seascapes. I made an incredible strawberry cake from them that night!

   They also have a great little store, where Ella Fordyce can be found with other goodies, such as strawberry coffee cake, hazelnut scones and snickerdoodle cookies! Yum! There is even a play area for the kiddos. Check them out next time you are in Salem, or driving out Sunnyview Road!

   We also went to Sunnyview Vegetable Farm, where we met Lucio, who was just finishing lunch. He has worked there more than 30 years, and gave us a personal tour of the amazing veggie garden they have! We picked lettuce (butter, romaine, red leaf..they have it all!), onions, and a little broccoli. The best part was hearing the pride in Lucio's voice when he talked about his work. It made the veggies seem more special! All in all, we bought 4 heads of lettuce, 2 1/2 lbs of strawberies, 2 lbs of raspberries and 9 onions. Total cost? Around 7 bucks. Total. Our minds were blown!!

    So, get out there!! Visit a local farm, talk to the farmers, pick your own fruits and veggies! (Don't worry, they will gladly pick them for you if that's  not your thing!) Then go home and create something delicious and beautiful!

Vicky xoxo



Feed your Soul

We're all busy. Rushing around trying to beat the rush hour traffic, trying to get here or there before it's to late. Not really ever breathing or giving ourselves the opportunity to slow down. And by slow down I don't mean grid lock at five o'clock. When is the last time you got away? Somewhere your Wi-Fi was spotty or non-existent ? I challenge you all to do this. Take a camping trip (no glamping), take a drive, a hike, anything. Your soul will thank you. If this was my oasis I would lovingly give you all the address, but alas, I have not received my oasis in this life quite yet. that's why, for the moment, I visit.


Madison and I made the 50 mile treck to meet Victoria at the beautiful and majestic Northrop acers. The Northrop's, a family of 5 were meant to be here! Their dog runs endlessly and so do their kids. Their additional companions consist of a horse, two cows, a donkey(it might be 2), two goats, two turkeys, a barn cat and barn owls! I think, I think I listed everyone.... I forgot the house cat!

We spent the better part of 4 hours walking around. It is so incredible to be invited out to a place like this. It will take me a few times visiting until it all soaks in. 

I kept saying "Wow!, this place is amazing!" to quote Mindy below...


"It Doesn't suck"

-Mindy Northrop

She's sure right about that!

We walked and walked and walked. Madison picked strawberries as I swooned over her raised beds. Seriously, I'm sure they were in disbelief for the first few months of living here. I know the country isn't for everyone. For me its roots, I've been in the city 10 years now and nothing makes me happier then the solitude of the country. Funny how as a kid I was bored and always wanted to do something better. Now I would happily sit on the porch or garden all day. Speaking of garden, here are a few pics I snapped, none do the place justice.

I could go on and on about this beautiful piece of land, I'm so happy to see such good people get to call it their home. I would, and want to tell you about the gorgeous home she's created indoors. But that's for another day. Thanks for visiting folks, now go out and unplug! Oh, and if you'd like to see more on the farm check out Mindy's beautiful blog.



xoxo - Jocelyn

Get your hands dirty!

Who doesn't love spring? I guess I could do without the weeks of endless rain, but all in all I love it. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and it means the beginning of gardening season! There are many types of gardeners, and I have found that we can be separated by the edible garden. Don't get me wrong, all gardens are beautiful, euphoric even. But some like to grow edibles and some bask in the joy of flowers. I am an edible gal. I'm now just spreading my flower wings. I love the fact I can eat what I sow, and that I can get the kid to eat them too. Long despised tomatoes become a summer treat, peas are no longer for the nose but for crunching on endlessly.

I wanted to share with you what brings me joy, helps reduce stress, gives me snacks and is just a fun hobby.

While at the moment it is small, it will quickly grow into a mighty garden. I seriously get such joy from gardening. If you have been on the fence, maybe have a patch of yard you don't know what to do with. Give it a shot! I will honestly say that my gardening journey began with out a drop of real knowledge, I just loved watching things grow. Getting something to eat was just a bonus. So don't think that you need to know all, learn along the way! I'm sure I'm still doing things ass backwards, and I definitely get excited when tempatures start to warm up and put my starters out to early, but at the end of the summer I am immensely satisfied with what I created.

Here is a peek at last years garden! I love my Dahlias! I'm so happy they made it thru our winter. I live in a homely apartment in the heart of my community. While I dream about raised beds, pots are my reality for the moment. A reality without weeds! I've been gardening in pots for 10 years now! I cant believe I just typed that. It seems like yesterday that I started my Oregon adventure. So don't be discouraged if you've got what seems like no space. Try a big pot on your deck or forgo the outside garden and drown yourself in house plants!



My favorite indoor plant is my 6 foot Avocado tree! Yes, that's what I said. I brought it home from my Dads greenhouse in Montana 5 years ago after he passed. At the time it was maybe 2 feet tall, and not even a year old. I've now sprouted about a dozen seeds! Super easy, keep your eyes peeled for our Avocado class later this year, you'll be taking home a seedling! And by seedling I mean a 2 foot tall tree. No, you cant put it outside, but they do extremely well inside in a sunny spot. I have yet to get a bloom on my tree, but it IS possible inside. I've got another 5-10 years of indoor care before they say it will bloom.

I hope I have encouraged some to get your hands dirty. If you think you'll fail, try anyway!

Happy gardening - Jocelyn

Trying New Things



       So, until Jocelyn and I went to our bread making class (shout out to Feed The Mass!) I had consumed my weight daily in breads, but never thought much about actually making any. Don't get me wrong, oh I LOVE bread! Wheat, Rye, Pumpernickel, you name it. Heck yes, Sourdough! Then, we made it! And it was fun and easy. But those were just easy to put together, 5 ingredient recipes, no big deal.

       But Sourdough....the myths, the legends(San Francisco)! I knew there was process, it sounded scary, feed it? Keep it at the right temperature? Sounds like having a pet or a child,(I have both) and that is a lot of work! Then Jocelyn started making the loaves , and oh man!!  She kept saying, you should too! 



      I brought 2 starters home yesterday, They are now put carefully in their containers covered in cloths, and they have been fed today! Yes, I have named them, just to keep myself accountable! Feeding them just means adding some warm water and flour to them every day, not Rocket Science, right? I can't wait to see how my bread turns out! For now, I will be patient, feed them, and look forward to trying more new things! Especially, recipes I will be making with my homemade sourdough!

  Victoria xoxo

Mom's, mothering and mama's

As we get geared up for our Mother's Day Brunch on Saturday (buy tickets here), ---->

I cant help the nostalgic thoughts crossing my mind. Thoughts of my mom and how much she sacrificed for us. I never knew, not really knew how much she did until Madison came along. Its a different stage in our relationship for sure. Appreciating what she did as a young mom and patiently making her way thru what I call a shit show some days. She was a single  mom for a good chunk of time and I will forever be grateful and in awe of her.

I think about my earliest memories up thru teenagism (I know that's not a word) and on. The different stages one goes thru as a young child and into adulthood. How my mom shaped me and how at the time I was so reluctant and disobedient. I only hope I have enough wine on hand for this stage in Madison's life. I can see myself reacting the same way if Madison brought herself and 3 friends sloshing thru the house, covered, and I mean covered in mud to then attempt to clean up in the bathroom sink. This was really a job for a pressure washer. My mothers reaction was a combined set of curse words you don't normally hear together. Message received. I now know the feeling.

Having a mom and being a mom are two different ball games for sure. It really makes you appreciate your own mother on a different level. When Mother's day comes around now, I get a little sappy and have a different kinds of feelings for my mom that I've only recently come to know. I wish I could give my mom the moon, actually no. I would buy my mother an Alaskan adventure! I would, of course go with her but I would take her back to where it all began. Where her life was an adventure. Before the adventure of motherhood.

Now, I  cant speak for Vicky on her thoughts on her mother, the memories or the struggles of motherhood. But I can share these adorable pictures!

As we get use to the juggle of life, new business and everything in between, you'll be hearing from both Vicky and I in our blog.

Until next time, xoxo Jocelyn


Join Northwest Nibbles in celebrating a Local Small Business owner! This celebrity guest is our long time friend Vien To. Vien is an incredibly talented Designer and owner of Vouture (a clothing boutique).

Vouture offers women's ready-to-wear clothing, design and custom-made bridal gowns, as well as special occasion and prom dresses. In addition, Vouture also offers business and professional attire for men and women ranging from suits to dresses, and blouses.

Vouture's grand opening is Saturday April 28th 2018

144 Liberty ST NE, Salem, OR 97301

Northwest Nibble's will be in attendance with tasters and teasers of upcoming cooking classes. We'll be having a raffle for a gift basket, including a gift certificate