Cooking at Beanstalk: Cupcake decorating

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Cooking at Beanstalk: Cupcake decorating


Saturday May 11th at 10AM

This class is back! Cupcakes are never turned down.

In this class each child will have several cupcakes to customize. A variety of frosting colors and frosting tips will be available. I will teach them how to do swirls, flowers, leaves and more!

The chocolate cupcakes will have a hidden serving of beets! YES BEETS! A beet puree adds moisture and sweetness. Trust me, they’ll never know!

Lets decorate

Saturday May 11th at 10 AM

Beanstalk on Stark St

8021 SE Stark St, Portland OR, 97215

Children 5 and up, if you have a younger child wanting to participate please sign them up! Just make note of their age at check out!