Local Events in Portland, OR

Northwest Nibbles is teaming up with local stores to hold pop-up cooking classes for kids! Check out our current offerings listed by class date!

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Summer Camp

July 22nd -25th ages 8-13

@ City Park Church in Gresham OR

This hands-on camp is about to begin! There is still room for some eager chefs. Students will learn kitchen and knife safety skills, recipe reading and building and create delicious dishes to bring home to you!

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Camp Fire Ready:Peppermint Sticks and Coco

~ Sat July 27th at 11am

Camping season is here! In this class we will make share worthy treats to take along on your family camping trip. The peppermint pretzels will have you stashing them away for a mid-night snack, and coco is a must for camping.

We’ll be coating our pretzel sticks with vanilla melt’s and peppermint crumbles. The combinations is amazing! While those set we will work together to make several batches of coco mix.

Each child will leave with enough coco mix and pretzels for a family of 5 to enjoy a campfire snack!

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Breakfast Banana Splits

~ Saturday August 3rd, 11am

Kids will enjoy customizing their own portion of granola (oats, nuts, dried fruit) and building their Breakfast Banana Split! We’ll use Bananas, Greek Yogurt, their personal granola and fruit to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast! No need for sugary cereals or maple syrup covered pancakes. The natural sugars of the banana and fruit will have these kids chowing down, silently!


Creative Kabobs ~ Sat August 10th at 10am

We’ll talk about different creative kabobs. Breakfast, Snack and Lunch!

Breakfast: We will whip up mini pancakes with nutella spread and add strawberry and banana slices! Fun!

Snack: We will skewer a variety of fruit and cheese for an easy snack. They are great for party’s too!

Lunch: Last but not least! We will use garden fresh veggies from Northwest Nibbles Organic Community Garden Plot to create our lunch kabob! We will send each student home with a quick marinade recipe for the veggies before you grill or bake!

This class teaches students how to put together and combine different foods for a delicious snack or meal. We will talk about garden fresh veggies and the sweet flavor that sets them apart from store bought.

Great for all ages, and parents are welcome to join in on the fun!

*Please purchase an individual ticket for each participant.

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Green Smoothies ~ Sat Sep. 7th at 11am @ Hammer + Jacks

Yup, that means Kale, Spinach and all the good green stuff! We’ll be making 3 (or more) delicious Green Smoothies to please all taste buds! Kids will work together to create our Green Monster Smoothies. We’ll all sip a bit from each smoothie then move on to prepping smoothies for the morning. Everyone will take home a ready to blend smoothie of their own!

They’ll choose from multiple “food” categories like leafy greens, protein and fruit, to ensure they get a little of everything, especially the leafy green stuff!

Great for all ages! Parents are more then welcome and encouraged to join!

*purchase a separate ticket for each person.

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Back to School Lunch ~ Saturday September 14th at 10am

Summer is almost over and the hustle and bustle of school has already started! Treat your child to this hands on class that will teach them the importants of a healthy lunch AND how to prep it themselves!

We will start by making turkey or veggie wraps, giving them lots of crunchy options and sauces to please. We will talk about important add-ons to their lunch like fresh fruits, veggies and healthy snacks to help them thru the day. They will leave with a ready to eat, well rounded lunch!

When we present our children with healthy options, they choose what we want them to have! Reach for the fresh, whole foods when shopping and let your kids pick what veggies will come home this week! Give it a shot, I think you might be surprised!