Local Events in Portland, OR

Northwest Nibbles is teaming up with local stores to hold mini cooking classes for kids! Check out our current offerings listed by class date!

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Spring Rolls:Thursday March 28th @ 11AM at Bridge City Kid!

Kids will get to explore slimy mold-able rice paper wrappers to roll up their spring rolls! I’ll have a rainbow of vegetables to choose from and we’ll work together to make a Thai Peanut dipping sauce! These crisp and crunchy rolls are a great snack or lunch!

- Space is limited -

*The sauce contains peanut butter , if your child has an allergy I will have soy sauce available or no sauce as an option. Please make note of all allergies at checkout.

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Cupcake decorating April 6th, 2pm @ Hammer and Jacks

This class is always loved. Kids will have several chocolate beet (yes, beet) cupcakes to decorate! The beets really adds a special touch and makes a moist cupcake. we’ll be playing with several frosting tips to create unique designs! This is a great class for younger kids as well.

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Take and Bake Pita Pizza

April 13th,10am

@ Beanstalk!

This class is going to be a hit! We’ll be creating personal pizzas on pita bread. Kids will be able to choose from a variety of healthy toppings to create their take and bake lunch! This class allows your child to cross over and enter your family kitchen to complete their meal.

This class is vegan friendly!

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Tortillas and Salsa

May 4th at 2PM at Hammer and Jacks

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo kids will learn how to make homemade corn tortillas, taco seasoning and pico de gallo! We’ll have a snack of bean and cheese tacos before they head home to season up their own taco filling!

I’ll be demonstrating how to chop up salsa ingredients and children will have an opportunity to come up and help! We’ll mix it all up as a class and chow down!

Cupcake decorating May 11th, 10am

@ Beanstalk

This class is back! Cupcakes are never turned down.

In this class each child will have several cupcakes to customize. A variety of frosting colors and frosting tips will be available. I will teach them how to do swirls, flowers, leaves and more!

The chocolate cupcakes will have a hidden serving of beets! YES BEETS! A beet puree adds moisture and sweetness. Trust me, they’ll never know!