Summer Camp 2019

Northwest Nibbles is offering a 4 day Summer Camp for eager young chefs ages 8-13!

Camp Location: City Park Church

58 W Powell Blvd, Gresham, OR 97303

Monday July 22nd - Thursday July 25th 10am -4pm

If your children have a passion for cooking or love to help you prepare meals in the kitchen, then perhaps a cooking camp is the perfect summer camp for them. It’s a great choice for kids who not only have a passion for food but also for those who just want to learn more. A cooking camp will encourage a child's creativity and expression through the use of new skills and tools that will eventually allow them to master great dishes. Children in this cooking camp will learn how to make breakfast, lunch, snacks, entrees and desserts, all in a variety of international cooking styles.

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Your child would succeed in this camp if they…

  • Work well with others and is a team player

  • Follow directions easily

  • Is respectful to teachers and peers

  • Is able to focus on a task for an hour or longer

  • Eager to learn new skills

  • Passionate about cooking

Learning Skills: Children will learn about exotic ingredients and spices, food safety and preparation, knife skills, recipe building and a variety of cooking techniques. Roasting, dicing, chopping, julienne and more are all terms students will learn about.

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Take home: Every Day students will leave with something to take home to their families! You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the dinner or breakfast table! Sounds like you’ll get the night off from cooking!

As students graduate from their week long camp, they will go home with all recipes from the camp and a Chefs knife to continue their skills in your family kitchen. (Chef knife will be released to a parent or guardian on last day of camp)

Camp Menu

Camp Schedule

Monday July 22nd - Thursday July 25th


Each day lunch and snack will be provided for students.


Day 1: Breakfast!

Lemon ricotta pancakes, No-Splatter Bacon, Fruit Salad and a Breakfast Strata - a layered casserole dish made mainly of bread, eggs, cheese, meat and veggie.

A basic skill every child needs to begin their cooking journey. Making their own breakfast builds independent and responsible children.

We’ll start the day off visiting the good ol’ pancake and bacon. Students will learn timeless recipes and techniques that will stay with them thru adulthood. They will feast on their morning creations for lunch.

After lunch they will create their own version of a Breakfast Strata for your family Breakfast!


Day 2: A visit to Mexico

Fresh Corn Tortillas, Taco Seasoning, Salsa, Rice, Roasted Veggie Tacos, Mexican Casserole and no-churn Ice Cream in preparation for day three

I don’t think a week goes by that my family doesn’t eat some sort of “south of the border” food. Students will learn all about tortilla making while preparing their own lunch of roasted veggie tacos (yup, they’ll eat it). After stuffing ourselves, they’ll get to making YOU dinner! A Mexican casserole that will have you scrapping the pan. Students will learn different techniques for cooking, how to handle raw meat safely and all about putting a meal together.

A no-churn ice cream will be made and left to freeze overnight in preparation of day 3

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Day 3: Italian!

Fresh Pasta, Lasagna Noodles, Farfalle pasta, Stove Top Mac and Cheese, Take and Bake Lasagna and No- Churn Ice Cream!

Everyone has a soft spot for pasta! Students will learn all about fresh pasta and roll, not one but two different types. Pasta is the breath of Italian culture and students will taste the difference between fresh and boxed. Lunch will be stove top Macaroni and Cheese made with fresh pasta!

Then onto our take home portion! Take and Bake Lasagna! The fresh Pasta will be the talk of your dinner table (and don’t forget the no churn ice cream that will be joining it)!


Day 4: Cooking Contest

Bees wax wraps, Curry Challenge (lets keep this one a secret from our young Chefs!) Graduation, complete with certificates and earned Chefs knife.

Today we’ll get crafty and make our own Bees wax Wraps! An environmental friendly way to store, cover and wrap left over foods!

After lunch students will be using the skills they learned during the week to execute a new recipe and work with a partner toward winning the prize! The winning team will each receive their own Chef Jr. cooking set, full of measuring devices and culinary tools to continue their journey in the kitchen!

$275.00 per Child

Camp Cost includes all cooking materials, lunch and snack each day, take home meals, tuition and class instruction, recipes, chef knife for each student, and individual learning opportunities in a group setting.

We cannot guarantee an allergy free environment or menu

This Cooking Camp is limited to 8 students


Jocelyn Gross - Owner of Northwest Nibbles

Jocelyn is a passionate home cook and established Northwest Nibbles in 2018. She has been teaching children the importance of whole food eating thru hands-on cooking experiences.


Morgaine Trine - Camp Co-Leader

Morgaine Trine is a veteran camp counselor. With 10+ years experience, she has helped shape magical camp experiences for children of all ages and is excited to be a part of the inaugural year of cooking camp. When not having camp fun, Morgaine runs her own financial strategy business.