Summer Cooking Camp


Summer Cooking Camp


Summer Cooking Camp for Children ages 8-13

July 22nd -July 25th 10am - 4 pm

If your children have a passion for cooking or love to help you prepare meals in the kitchen, then perhaps a cooking camp is the perfect summer camp for them. It’s a great choice for kids who not only have a passion for food but also for those who just want to learn more. A cooking camp will encourage a child's creativity and expression through the use of new skills and tools that will eventually allow them to master great dishes. Children in this cooking camp will learn how to make breakfast, lunch, snacks, entrees and desserts, all in a variety of international cooking styles.

Learning Skills: Children will learn about exotic ingredients and spices, food safety and preparation, knife skills, recipe building and a variety of cooking techniques. Roasting, dicing, chopping, julienne and more are all terms students will learn about.

Take home: Every Day students will leave with something to take home to their families! You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the dinner or breakfast table! Sounds like you’ll get the night off from cooking!

As students graduate from their week long camp, they will go home with all recipes from the camp and a Chefs knife to continue their skills in your family kitchen. (Chef knife will be released to a parent or guardian on last day of camp)

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Monday July 22nd - Thursday July 25th 10am - 4pm

The Summer Camp is located in City Park Church

58 W Powell Blvd, Gresham OR 97030